Explaining Product Ingredient Exclusions

Sulfates are petroleum-based ingredients that gives lather to certain products while stripping the hair and skin of valuable moisture. They are known irritants, they are tested on animals, associated with climate change, pollution and greenhouse gases, and may be contaminated with carcinogens.

Silicone prevents additional moisture from getting into your skin and hair. When coming into contact with skin, silicone creates a barrier that dehydrates and distorts the natural regulatory process. Silicone in skin care can congest pores and interferes with cell renewal. For hair products, silicone coats the hair, interferes with color, and prevents moisture and protein from entering the shaft. It builds up on the hair and suffocates the shaft over time leaving it in worse condition than before.

Parabens are able to penetrate the skin and remain within the tissue. They cause skin irritation, inflammation, and can cause rashes/burning sensations on skin. Parabens penetrate deeply within the skin and disrupt hormone function and mimic estrogen. The use of products with parabens has been linked to breast cancer and reproductive issues.

Phthalates are plasticizing chemicals that are considered probable toxins to human reproduction and development, as well as endocrine disruptors. They have been known to cause reproductive birth defects in laboratory animals, particularly in males.

Dyes can cause allergic reactions, and certain dyes can clog pores. A few types of dyes are even carcinogenic.

Mineral oil is a petroleum byproduct created from gasoline production. It creates a barrier on the skin and therefore can trap debris and bacteria. When used in hair products, it remains on the hair and weighs it down. Mineral oil is not biodegradable or renewable, and offers no benefit to the skin or hair.

All Solluni products are gluten-free, so people with even the most sensitive skin and hair can safely use our entire product line.

To Solluni, clean beauty means not only being non-toxic, but also ensuring that no animal products are used in our entire line. Instead, only the highest-quality botanicals are used to provide superior results.